Back from France

On Wednesday we arrived back from France. We spent a week walking the first part of the Robert Louis Stevenson track (or the GR-70) as it’s known by on the maps. We started off by spending a couple of days in Paris, staying at the Marriott Courtyard near the Gare de Lyon station. We had a fantastic view over Paris – including the Eiffal Tower!

On Friday 29th March, we took the train down to Le Puy en Velay, which is a picturesque town which most people use as the start of le Stevenson” (as the walk is known as in France). We stayed at a lovely 15th century place, which was an old alchemist’s house.

From Le Puy we walked to Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille. We stayed at a pretty little B&B there, where we had our own little separate apartment with a pellet stove!

From Le Monastier we walked to Goudet, and stayed at the only hotel in town. It is a basic hotel, but servicable, and we chatted to the locals there. They had just opened the hotel – it stays closed for 6 months over the winter.

From Goudet we had a very long walk to Pradelles. The hotel we were booked into at Pradelles was cancelled the day we were due to arrive, so we ended up having to stay at gites – a small holiday home.

After Pradelles, we caught a ride to the train station at Langogne, then from there a bus to Ales and finally a train to Nimes. The next morning was an extremely cheap Ryanair flight back to London.

It was a lovely trip and we had a great time.


Last night we arrived back in Prague. I think that it’s been around 10 years since we were here last. My memory of the city was quite different – I remember narrow cobble-stoned streets, and the main bridge being absolutely magical. This time my initial impression was of wide streets and of it being cleaner and more modern. I think because we were staying around the palace last time, whereas this time we are at an AirBnb near the city center. I do love Prague!

We had a weird experience last night, watching a Don Giovanni opera performed by Marionettes. From our bedroom we could see this fairytale spire lit up with coloured lights.

Today we went on a river boat tour and then walked up to the palace and had a look around there.

Digital Nomad vs Location Independence

I have been reading and thinking about the difference between being a digital nomad and being location independent recently. A digital nomad is primarily based around travel – seeing the world while working remotely. Location independence (to me) means that you may be based primarily in a few different locations in the world, and you set up your life in such a way as you are not dependent on one particular location.

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Hi-Tech Nomad Ltd

I just formed the company “Hi-Tech Nomad Ltd”. I have had the domain for forever, and have always wanted to do something with it. I have the twitter handle @hitechnomad, and lots of other social media assets. My plan is to provide information, goods and resources for “digital nomads” – those people who travel and work on things that are location independent.

Cheap Airfares!

This morning I managed to pick up some cheap return flights to Australia – £417 all up! I was looking at Apple News, the travel section, and noticed an article in the Independent about super cheap air fares through Air China. We rushed to our computers to check it out, and sure enough, they were available. Locked and loaded!

Back from France

Just arrived back from France and we are pretty psyched about buying some land over there and building a small weekend nest. It’s amazing how close Calais is to London. One hour on the train and you’re there. Another hour and you’re at the area we are looking at. Very doable for a weekend away.