Digital Nomad vs Location Independence

I have been reading and thinking about the difference between being a digital nomad and being location independent recently. A digital nomad is primarily based around travel - seeing the world while working remotely. Location independence (to me) means that you may be based primarily in a few different locations in the world, and you set up your life in such a way as you are not dependent on one particular location.

When we originally came to London, we thought that we would spend maybe 80% of the year in the UK, and 20% in Australia or travelling. We do travel quite a bit, but up until now we have been mainly based in London. Most of our friends are based in London, most of our work happened in London - we weren't as location independent as we wanted!

Now however, we are alternating our living between London and Brighton. This year we will be doing much more travel - we are starting to get back to our dream of location independence!