The first home-made wine…

… that Helen has liked. She actually said that she loved it!

Most of my previous attempts at wine have tasted like feet. And not in a good way. This wine is a little sweet. It does not have the oaky depth of a heavy red, but tastes like a lighter, flavorful red or a rich rose.

I made this wine with Dimes grape juice and mashed up raisins to add body. I started fermenting it on the 4th November 2015, and it was bottled on the 6th February 2016 – over 3 years ago!

Internet Fast

For the last few days I have been on an Internet fast. That means no news, no Twitter, no surfing, no games, no Netflix. I still check my email, and I send and receive the occasional WhatsApp message, but that’s about it.

I feel so much more productive! When I would normally reach for my phone to check twitter, or read the news, I have been studying, or doing something active. When I go back to accessing the Internet again, I will probably try and limit myself to certain times of the day.