Day off work

Today I mooched around the new flat. I took the morning off in order to let in some gas safety inspectors. The gas company rang around lunchtime to say the inspectors were outside the apartment and no-one seemed to be home. I informed them that I was in fact inside, but no-one was ringing the buzzer. Eventually I realized that they were standing outside my old flat in Covent Garden *sigh*

Weekend in Amsterdam!

Last weekend was spent back in Amsterdam. The highlight was probably Tony's Lame SuperHero Birthday Party. Helen has more photos on her blog. Tony messaged to say that everyone was meeting in Dam Square, and when we arrived there was a crowd of superheroes standing around - capes billowing. Tourists were coming over and asking to have their photos taken with the group. It was all too funny. I went as Pi Man, a super hero who's special power is the ability to recite Pi to 2 decimal places. I also had the lamest costume.