Limbo and Inside

This past week Helen and I have been playing “Limbo” and “Inside” by Playdead on the XBox. These are such good games! Both Limbo and Inside have tons of atmosphere. They are a moody, luscious side-scroller games. The puzzles are engaging, and you never feel like you are completely stuck. Ironically, we both thought that the hardest puzzle in “Inside” was the very first one in the farm, which you get to quite early on.

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Branding the Go Build

I want to make sure that I can print out the version information from my Go builds. To do this I need to embed the current version information automatically into the application when I build it. Following the information at and this, I have the following boilerplate:

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Replacing Evernote

I have been working on replacing Evernote. The software has just got so slow and buggy, and I dislike having my important information in third-party software. The main things that I use it for are for capturing articles that interest me online, for writing my diary, and capturing photos of receipts and letters.

I now email the URL of any interesting articles or blog posts to a custom email address. I have set up a rule to map any emails going to that email address to a special folder on my IMAP server. I have a Python script that I wrote that will process emails from that folder and extract the URL, then download the HTML at the URL and convert it to a Markdown file. This has been working pretty well. I am planning to index all these files, and I need to set up a process to regularly review the downloaded articles.

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