The Sultan's Elephant

A huge elephant striding towards Piccadilly Circus, while a giant girl reclines in a deck chair in St James' Park.
Splashing the crowd! A giant child Barrel Rocket
Helen's mother and aunt had just arrived in London so we took them for a walk. We were lucky enough to bump into the biggest piece of free theatre London has ever seen - the Sultan's Elephant! The elephant was absolutely awesome, surrounded by a human tsunami as it stomped it's way down Piccadilly. It was brought to life by an army of puppeteers who had complete control over it's ears, trunk and legs. We walked down to St James' Park, where another part of the production was unfolding. There was a giant girl, blinking and yawning, before reclining in her deck chair. She was obviously tired after her flight. The barrel rocket is half her size, so she must have been flying economy! Apparently this production was last performed in Nantes in 2005. I've put more photos on Flickr.