7 days of Yoga and Skiing!

We're baaack! 1.5 hours of yoga in the morning with the Eiger towering above us. Another hour of yoga in the evening after a full days skiing, and we're back after 7 days at Wengen, Switzerland with barely an ache. Our hotel was very confortable, and had an incredible view of mountains, snow and valley. There might have also been drunken yodellers as well. Here is the view out the window:
View over the mountains
Helen entertained the locals at Karoke one night in the local pub, doing her best Kate Bush impression (to a standing ovation). I wimped out decided not to sing because of the avalanche risk. I don't think our insurance covers me singing (more terrorism that natural disaster I guess). Our hosts for the trip were Michael and Michelle of YogaTraveller, and they really looked after us! I think we'll book in for the Tanzania safari later in the year.