Replacing Evernote

I have been working on replacing Evernote. The software has just got so slow and buggy, and I dislike having my important information in third-party software. The main things that I use it for are for capturing articles that interest me online, for writing my diary, and capturing photos of receipts and letters.

I now email the URL of any interesting articles or blog posts to a custom email address. I have set up a rule to map any emails going to that email address to a special folder on my IMAP server. I have a Python script that I wrote that will process emails from that folder and extract the URL, then download the HTML at the URL and convert it to a Markdown file. This has been working pretty well. I am planning to index all these files, and I need to set up a process to regularly review the downloaded articles.

I built a Go program for managing my daily diary entries. All the entries get stored in a Sqlite database, and I can extract entries by date, or search for keywords.

To capture receipts and letters, I simply take a photo of them using my iPhone. I have written a program so that when I tag a photo in the Apple Photos app, a Python script will automatically export that photo to the file system.

My policy is that information should stored in as transparent and open a way as possible. I also want to avoid propriety apps.