A lot has happened

A lot has happened since I last updated this blog. In January 2020, Helen and I decided to move back to Sydney. Over a year later, we finally managed to fly back to Australia.

We flew from the UK to Dubai on April 22nd, 2021. We had a brief 2 hour stopover in Dubai, then flew to Sydney. The army picked everyone up from the airport and took us to quarantine. We were placed in a quarantine hotel near the airport, and we spent 2 weeks stuck in the hotel room.

We got out on the 7th May and caught an Uber to our flat in Surry Hills.

Some notes on the quarantine hotel:

  • The food was dire. 3 times a day, staff would place bags of food outside the door, and then knock on it. You were expected to wait at least 30 seconds for the staff to move away before opening the door. The first day we got a package of yoghurt, a small package of Coco Pops, and some milk for breakfast. Unfortunately, the yoghurt was off (and what adult eats Coco Pops?).
  • We rented a treadmill from an external company and had it delivered. The staff delivered it to the door and left it outside. We brought it inside and set it up - and it was great! It was so good being able to do some exercise while being stuck in the room.
  • I was working, and that kept me really busy. For me the 2 weeks flew by.

We are both loving being back in Sydney. I have been very busy with work. Helen has been working for a Sydney-based animation studio, and has been enjoying that. We have slowly been getting our flat set up. Unfortunately, Sydney went into lock-down a couple of weeks ago, but we did enjoy the freedoms of zero-covid before that!