Running and £10!

I went for a run today along Brighton beach and found a £10 bill on the sidewalk! Unfortunately it’s now raised the bar for my running – I’m going to consider it a bad day if I don’t find cash on my run now!

A walk along the coast

Helen and I did a lovely walk along the coast from Brighton to Rottingdean along the cliff walk. We do this walk quite regularly, because it’s a fairly easy one from our place in Brighton. Today was such a mild day for winter! 11 degrees and partially sunny.

Amazon Spot arrived!

My new Amazon Spot was delivered yesterday. It is a round Alexa device with a small screen that lives in the bedroom and acts like an alarm clock that you can shout at. We have a number of other Alexa devices, although this is the only one with a screen. It is great to be able to ask Alexa for the news in the morning and get a video feed from the BBC. First impressions are very positive, although it was quite expensive given that an Echo Dot is about £30.

Digital Nomad vs Location Independence

I have been reading and thinking about the difference between being a digital nomad and being location independent recently. A digital nomad is primarily based around travel – seeing the world while working remotely. Location independence (to me) means that you may be based primarily in a few different locations in the world, and you set up your life in such a way as you are not dependent on one particular location.

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Hi-Tech Nomad Ltd

I just formed the company “Hi-Tech Nomad Ltd”. I have had the domain for forever, and have always wanted to do something with it. I have the twitter handle @hitechnomad, and lots of other social media assets. My plan is to provide information, goods and resources for “digital nomads” – those people who travel and work on things that are location independent.