Current State of the Pandemic in the UK

Here in the UK we have just had over 60,000 deaths from Coronavirus. Hospitalisations and deaths are ramping up again. I think that there is a very high possibility that this virus will become endemic, and our society will have to adjust to live with it. On the other hand, some countries in the Asia-Pacific region have very low case rates, and seem to be controlling the pandemic. I think that there is a definite possibility of a two-speed world economy, with much faster growth going to those countries that have managed to control the pandemic.

The test-and-trace system in the UK is complete rubbish. Also, social benefits in the UK are low compared to other countries in Europe, and hard to get. Not to mention the structural shocks that will come with Brexit. All-in-all the UK is not well-placed economically to deal with the virus.