A behavioural model of the coronavirus

There is an interesting section in this letter from Bronte Capital about developing a behavioural model of the Coronavirus. The letter points out that as people's perceptions about the danger of going out and socialising increases, their behaviour will change which will lower the R rate in the epidemiology model. Other factors are obviously important. Without a good healthcare and welfare system, the citizens of countries like the U.S. have a greater incentive to go out and work despite an increase in perceived risk.

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Falling Asleep Quickly

There is a blog post here about How to Fall Asleep Fast. The technique comes from the Second World War and making WW2 pilots get enough sleep. A person called Bud Winter was tasked with training pilots to fall asleep quickly. The trick is to physically relax and then mentally relax. If you can keep your mind clear of thoughts for 10 seconds, apparently you will be asleep. 96% of pilots who had been trained on this technique by Winter were able to fall asleep within two minutes or less.

Healthy Day

Today has been a pretty healthy day all up. Both Helen and I went for a run - mine was not as long as normal, just under 5km. We have also been eating a mainly vegan/vegetarian diet over the past few days. It's been a healthy start to the year!