Custom UITableViewCell Delete Woes

I’ve just spent some time solving an issue in my iOS app. I have a custom UITableViewCell with some UILabels. When I delete a row on the UITable, the standard confirm delete animation happens. With the standard UITableViewCells, this triggers an animation where the cell labels move to the right, to make room for the delete icon on the left. With my custom UITableView, the UILabels weren’t moving to the right and were being squashed by the delete control.

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Zero-Six Weeks

A couple of years ago, when I was thinking a bit about frugality (as in; “Hey, that’s a characteristic I should have more of), I came up with the idea of a “Zero-Six Week”. This is a week where I am only allowed to spend money on one of the days (typically a Sunday). The aim is to buy enough necessities on the Sunday to see me through the week, and not spend any money at all the rest of the week. That means walking everywhere, making all the meals for the week, etc.

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A Poignant Account of Depression

There is a poignant account of a person falling into depression over at Hyperbole and a Half. It is beautifully illustrated too. The author explains how you can’t externally induce happiness in someone who is depressed. This really struck home for me, as someone who is obnoxiously upbeat. There is actually a light at the end of the rather long blog post.

The “Barefoot” Craze

I just bought some Merrell “Barefoot” style shoes. They have practically no heel so are supposed to be better for you as you walk more naturally. I thought they were interesting because they are very lightweight and good for travel. We’ll see how they go.