An Unexpected Detour

Yesterday we were supposed to fly back to London from Denmark. Unfortunately our flight was cancelled. We found out about it when we arrived at the airport, but couldn’t check in. There was a massive queue of people waiting to try and rebook a flight or get a refund. I jumped on to my iPhone and changed flights for one the next day (tonight). I also investigated hotels. We managed to book The Renaissance hotel in Malmo, Sweden for the night. We also organised a late checkout, so it was quite a pleasant day today. Having O2 International Roaming was fantastic. It’s one of the big pains of travelling; not having data on your phone when you need it most.

Walking Copenhagen

Today we spent the day walking Copenhagen. Lunch was pickled herring at a spot down by the canal. I resisted having (what looked like the traditional) beer. Helen and I didn’t realise that it was a public holiday here, and were marvelling at the closed shops and the amount of people drinking beer at lunchtime. There was some kind of parade or march and the street was hazy with smoke.

Bret Dunlap, Runner

There is a wonderful story over at Runner’s World about Bret Dunlap, a guy who was badly injured when he was a kid. His brain and body are damaged. It’s about how he moves on and adapts. How his mother helps him recover and build a life. How he discovers running and it helps change his life. The story is poignant and well written. It’s definitely worth reading.