Eclipse Phase RPG

I just read this awesome thread over at about character creation in the new RPG Eclipse Phase. Man, this RPG sounds awesome! As ExNihilo mentions in the thread:

The fact that a question like "Can my character upload his 
living consciousness into a distributed network-swarm of
microscopic robots?" results in actual debate is enough to
convince me that I'll like this game regardless of what the
answer itself turns out to be.

Some character ideas referenced on the thread:

  • AlĂ­cia Seiroco, whose cortical stack is home to not just one, but two separate personalities, each with their own distinct mannerisms, skills, and memories, incorporating dangerous and forbidden nanotechnological augmentation.
  • Aineko is an AGI who started out life a few decades before the fall as an open source robotic pet owned by an eccentric futurist. Aineko was able to bootstrap himself into full intelligence about 10 years before the fall, although he never told his owner. Since he wasn't officially a citizen at the time of the fall, he had few assets to fall back on when his owner died (gruesomely, of course) and had to flee as an infomorph. Forced to kick the habit of pretending to be a cat all day, he's discovered an aptitude for programming an nanotech design.
  • Leonidas: Re-Instantiated Scum. Your number one, take no shit, biggest gun in the room is the Plasma Rifle. Leo needs it, he needs it like a baby needs its mother's milk. It's Expensive (ie, costs 20 CP), and can only fire twice before needing to cool down. You know what we call weapons that can fire more than twice without needing to cool down? UNDERPOWERED. But the cooldown thing is a worry: Leo doesn't want to be caught defenseless. So let's go right ahead and sling an underbarrel seeker micromissile launcher on that puppy. It's only moderate cost (1 CP), and 20 High Explosive Armor Piercing micromissiles for it are only 2 more CP. It can only hold 6 micromissiles at a time. Naturally, it's smart-linked (ie, it integrates with Leo's mesh and gives him an accuracy bonus by displaying a targeting reticule in his vision. 1 more CP for that).