Sounds of Sky

Last night we went to the British Library to see an event called “Sounds of the Sky”. It was fun being in the British Library and seeing some of the rooms, but the event wasn’t that great. The first part involved lying on our backs in a big room while various audio recordings played through some speakers overhead. The audio tracks – mainly interviews – were good, but the sound itself was a bit muddy and neither Helen nor I could make out some of the dialog.

The second part was held in a different room upstairs, and involved listening to birdsong followed by a story about the bird in question.

The third part was up on a gantry near the top of the British Library listening to some trapeze artists talking about their art, while we gazed down to the foyer area about 3 stories below. The sound at the part was great – they gave us these wireless headphones for the audio, and the sound quality through those headphones was very good.

The final part was on a balcony out the top side of the Library. The final story was short but interesting. It was a relaxing night out, and I enjoyed it purely because it was something different and revolved around spaces the British Library.