Criticisms of Artemis

(Warning – this post contains spoilers)

Both Helen and I read “Artemis” by Andy Weir recently. I enjoyed it, although Helen felt disappointed by what she considered a major flaw in the plot. The book is set 70 years in the future. Yet, the technology feels like present day tech. There were hardly any robots on the Moon colony. The primary interface for the computers seemed to still be typing. The main protagonist drives around and delivers mail. Her father is a welder.

Even today for most of our casual at-home computer interaction, we use voice commands. I can’t even imagine what our computer interfaces will be like 70 years in the future. I would expect robots to be delivering mail and performing most of the day-to-day grunt work, welding included.

I read the book assuming that the Moon colony was based in roughly the present time. That is what it feels like, and that is what I recommend you do. I definitely enjoyed the book – the characters are intriguing and the plot is believable and exciting.

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