Configuring a Jaalee iBeacon Transmitter

I received 5 iBeacon transmitter units from today. They arrived unassembled, so I put them together and configured their local names with my iPhone.

The first hurdle I found in setting them up was getting the battery in the right way around. Each unit comes with a watch battery, and you need to have the side with the plus sign facing away from the circuitry.

In order to see the device, install Jaalee’s eBeacon app onto your iPhone. When you run this app, you should see your iBeacon device with the name “jaalee”.

When you connect to the device it will prompt you for a password. The default password is ‘666666’.

You can change the local name for your iBeacon. I wrote a utility to help generate the code needed to change the name and have put it on Github here as “jaalee_rename”. I also have instructions in the README file explaining how to change the local name for the iBeacon.

The next steps for me are to write a simple app that uses my beacons. I am thinking of an app that will automatically let me team know via email if I am running late in the mornings.

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