Productive Workflow

I’ve been using time-boxing for quite a while, off and on. I have a task list every day and start timing chunks of time in which to work on the tasks. I’m not like Helen, who finds it easy to work at home. I find it far easier to work at a client’s office. This has changed recently though, thanks to my new work-flow.

I now use the Pomodoro app to start my time-boxing sessions. I have it configured to link to Things (I am running the Things app on my Mac Air, as well as my iPads and iPhone). I also have it publish each time-box to my iCal calendar, so I can generate graphs of how much work I’ve done each day.

I’ve found that since I’ve been working like this, it’s much easier to get started on my tasks every day. I find I am procrastinating much less. I also know that I can just throw a task into my Things app, and it will be done.

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