What Google Glass might soon be like

There is an interesting clip over on YouTube, that shows what having Google Glass (or something similar) might someday be like.

I loved some of the ideas presented here, although I thought the scene with the 911 operator could have been done better. What should have happened is the emergency operator should have connected him directly with a doctor. The doctor would then guide him through diagnosis and emergency response procedures, monitor the situation using the head-mounted camera.

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  1. 4 Ways Google Glass Makes Us Transhuman:

    – CPR Assist: How many people can honestly say they know CPR? or even the Heimlich maneuver? Crucial moments can be saved when access to such knowledge is available… while freeing up our hands to assist the person in distress. In future iterations of Google glass (glass v2.0?) if true augmented reality capability is provided, a CGI human skeleton can be overlaid on the live patient, giving visual cues to further assist in such kinds of situations.

    – Driver Safety: There are some states in the US looking at banning the use of Google Glass while driving. Yet, it is interesting to note that Glass could be that Guardian Angel watching over a driver who might nod off at the wheel after a long day at work. (DUI is not an excuse however to use Glass). The various sensors can monitor for tilt of head and sound an alarm, or even recognize unusual behavior of the wearer by analyzing and tracking the live video feed coming in through the camera…sounding an alarm to warn the wearer.

    Augmented Intelligence – or – Amplified Intelligence…

    Read the whole article on Humanity+ magazine:

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