Mnemonic Tagging

OK, here is an idea I had this morning: It’s called “Mnemonic Tagging”. The idea is that you create a list of keywords (or tags) that you use to mentally file mnemonic visualizations. For each of these tags you imagine something that represents the tag, followed by a chain of mnemonics that relate to that tag.

For example: Let’s say you want to remember the equation for Radiated Power in Physics. We create a mental tag for “Radiated Power”. This might be the image of a circus strongman lifting a radiator. As this relates to gravitation, We might create another tag called “Gravitational Waves” (maybe the image of someone falling to Earth while they are waving frantically).

We then associate those mental images with the mathematical mnemonic for that particular equation.

We potentially want to associate a number of mnemonics with that one tag, so we could visualize the tag mnemonic as being at a specific place, and the associated mnemonics as being stuff around that place.

Anyway, another work in progress!

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