A Do-It-Yourself Book Scanner

I found an instructable for a DIY book scanner. There seems to be a thriving online community based around building DIY book scanners as well. I have a lot of books I’d like to scan into electronic format. There’s a startup called One Dollar Scan that will scan your books for a dollar. Unfortunately it’s based in the US. It would cost me a fortune to send my books over there to be scanned. A DIY book scanner sounds like the ideal solution for me.

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  1. Hey there, we’re from Europe in Translyvania and we scan using the Treventus ScanRobot. You might find the prices to be actually quite good. Besides the scanning we do: Deskew – Image Straightening, Background Removal, etc. We have some samples on our website. We ship anywhere in Europe and we can ship to Australia or New Zeeland if you need it.

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