Evernote to Dropbox

I’ve just started using Evernote to make a note of things I find interesting on the web and to capture ideas or random thoughts. So far I love it!
What I wanted was an easy way to extract the notes and save them to my filesystem, where they become much more useful. Specifically I want to save the notes as text files to a place in my Dropbox repository, so they get synced across all my devices, and are backed up.

After a bit of googling I found kjk’s script evernote-to-file.py over at Github. A little bit of Pythonic bastardisation later, and I modified the script to extract the notes to a directory, creating directory names that match the notebook names in Evernote. I also updated the script a bit, as it didn’t work with my version of Evernote.

I have uploaded the source code to my repository at Github, so it is available for general use.

It works OK at the moment, but future plans would be to track the notes by ID in an index file, and so if I move the notes around in Evernote, I can make the corresponding changes on my local filesystem.

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