Ghost-written by Who?

Here is John Howard (Australia’s Prime Minister during the start of the last Iraq War), and Stephen Harper (Canada’s Prime Minister at the same time) giving the same, almost word-for-word speech in Parliament justifying the need to go to war.

Lehman Brothers

I just popped down to the Lehman building here at Canary Wharf to see what was going on. There were a few people standing outside, and news crews filming – but overall it seemed pretty quiet.

Back from France

Just arrived back from France and we are pretty psyched about buying some land over there and building a small weekend nest. It’s amazing how close Calais is to London. One hour on the train and you’re there. Another hour and you’re at the area we are looking at. Very doable for a weekend away.

Great Expression…

From Alan Nevin, chief economist for the California Building Industry Association and San Diego-based MarketPointe Realty Advisors: “Now it’s just a matter of the pig going through the snake.”