How to get Maplin’s USB Microscope working on a Mac

I just brought Maplin’s USB Digital Microsoft with 400x magnification, which is advertised as having Windows-only drivers. System Profiler identified the chipset as being from Vimicro Corporation. I went to the Driver Download section of their website and downloaded (and installed) the DRV_ZC0301PLus_070305 driver. I then opened up Photo Booth, and was able to select the Vimicro camera as the video source. What I should have done was just try and access the Microscope using Photo Booth before I installed the driver, as I half suspect that there was no actual need to install that driver.

Close-up of a new razor blade
Close-up of a new razor blade

Please try to use the microscope with Photo Booth first before downloading the driver, and let me know in the comments if that works.

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  1. Yep no driver required, still would like to zoom in more the the mac, as photobooth is a fixed size. also it being a reverse image makes soldering on iphone pcb a challenge

      1. Hi, Yeah the stand is a bit loose, i just pulled the halves apart and well sanded the space between them and it clamps up good. Photo booth worked in reverse, so is so useless for this purpose, I have Macam as the generic driver for my webcams but a program called Cam Twist is working well, as is MicroCapture 2M (1.0) dunno if it’s because of Macam or not but it works, right side up and all.

  2. Opened the photo boothe and dont know how to select the microscope camera as source?. anyone got any ideas please.
    tried the dv they sent me as the small driver doesnt fit my apple mac.
    I have a Gadget USB Maplin Microscope.

  3. I downloaded a driver from the Veho site and installed microcapture. I can see pictures on the screen, but trying to save a photo makes the program crash. I now use Photo Booth but I am fed up with the 1 2 3 before a photo is taken. I am trying to photograph live insects which move away during the 3 second count down. Is there any way to turn it off?

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